Our Story

How we came to be


Truepear℠ was founded in 2017 by Robert Baiocchi.  After graduating from Widener University in Electrical Engineering with honors and dean’s list merit, Robert worked in various industries throughout the years including insurance, sales, engineering, and new construction.  He experienced grueling interview processes where the focus was mainly on the technical skills.  Robert noticed the industry’s trend of ignoring soft skills, such as time management abilities and work ethic.  This resulted in a decade of wasted time for both himself and the employer.

In 2011, Robert was fortunate enough to find himself  in a position within an engineering consulting firm that was a great match for him on all levels.  He loved the work culture that his peers possessed which allowed him to be productive all while allowing him to display his true personality.  Working at the firm is what set the idea of Truepear℠ in motion; why some employees were happy and content in their work space while others were not was a serious question that needed to be answered.  This led to the realization of how important it was for an employer to take peer relationships seriously.  Employees and employers are people, and a compatible relationship between the two is necessary for thriving productivity.

Passion with the correlation between a healthy work culture and successful employment resulted in extensive research over the next 6 years.  Countless studies of company and employee relationships followed and the development of a unique, multi-faceted algorithm was achieved.  This gave employers a chance to see into the soft skills of candidates and simulate relationships before making the financial decision to hire.  We spend most of our lives at work, so why not make it a place where we are not only happy but also thrive.  Truepear℠ strives to bring talented candidates and growing companies together.