Why use Truepear℠ as a hiring tool?

Time vs. Value

Truepear℠ benefits users by freeing their time to focus on growth and productivity while our algorithm creates an easily read report of the candidates provided in compatibility order.

Hiring Challenges

Dissecting the current antiquated process of hiring, employers rely heavily on the technical requirements of the position being filled and keywords that appeal to them. Those keywords are useful for sorting candidates based on “hard” skills, but does not take into account how the candidate will fit when placed in a department with respect to “soft” skills. Truepear℠ corrects this deficient process by evaluating the complete candidate as a member of a group of peers with whom he/she will be working.

Our Solution

There are thousands of “Pears” between qualified professionals and potential employers all across the world and we've created an algorithm to assist companies with hiring potential candidates. Truepear℠ doesn't tell you exactly which professional to select, we narrow the pool down to a manageable list and you take it from there. You still have ultimate control over who you select.


Truepear℠ will revolutionize the hiring process by matching the candidate to the company based on traits and intrinsic qualities in addition to professional requirements. On top of present day value of streamlining the hiring process, companies are making a better investment for their future.